Saturday, August 22, 2009


The beginning of a Iris Painting. Will be in acrylic. Size 18" x 24" My canvas is a wraparound. No frame. I will post the next work on the Iris. Back ground will have dark and light changes.


Early morning my wifes Poppies were in the sun. The sun was showing in the poppies. Just had to paint them!! Acrylic. 18" x 24" Love the poppies!!


Love Roses!! Have been using acrylic in the last 2 years. Have been using watercolor and oil for many years, like 40 years!!

Watercolor Lillies

This is the largest watercolor I have ever painted in watercolor. Twenty 22" x 26" Most of them are in the 11" x 14"


Flowers Flowers Flowers

Have beeb working with Flowers lately. Mostly using acrylic with 18" x 24" different flowers. The image above is some of my older pieces. Some colored pencil, watercolor, oil and acrylic.