Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Big Rainbow in Herriot Lake in Oregon


I went into Herriot Lake a few weeks ago. 6 pm the sun was going down. Saw the fantastic image and had to paint it!! Took the shot with the camera. We were heading back to finish for the day. There is a deep hole that a rainbow or brown trout hang in. My buddy went through first. I took the camera shot and got the great image. Then-------my rod bent down and almost lost the rod!!! Had the fish on for about 3 seconds and the line went dead. Even though I lost the fish, I had a great memory. Here is the painting. (Almost done. Will touch a few places to finish the piece)






Thursday, September 2, 2010

"Wilson Cafe"

Plein Air painting near the Courtout in Hillsboro.  The Wilson Cafe is a great place to watch sports and have lunch!!  This paint is 11" x 14" (image)  Oil painting.  Price $350.  Enjoy!!