Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Two New Boats and a Old Guy


This is a older painting.  2 1/2" x 4 7/8" Mixable Oil  It was challenge to make the lines.  My next piece will be a 3" x 4" and there will be many lines!! (If I can do it!!!)  Not sure what color set up will be.  Here is the picture that I will paint.  I had got a shot on the Columbia when we were waiting for the boat so show for our Dinner Trip.


                                                                  First steps on this one.



                                                          Going to change the color of the boat
                                                          from the photo.  Orange/burnt sienna.

Another step on the way!!  Sure is slow lately!!



                                                         Still working with this piece!!

Will work on some of the last touches!! (Like my name!!)  Dark lines. Fine touches.

I am done!!  (For now!!)


Tracy Hall said...

I love your old peice, Jim, really gorgeus colours! Good luck with the next, it does look challenging!

James F. Smith said...

Thanks Tracy. Will see. If it will not work I will have tried. Thinking about using mixable oil.

DEB said...

This will make a beautiful painting Jim! When I was in Baltimore's Inner Harbor recently, I took lots of photos of boats. They are a lot of fun to paint - especially with the reflections in the water.

The word verification I have to type to be seen this time is "fevers" - Let's hope everyone stays healthy and the fevers are minimal!!

Tatiana Myers said...

Nice boats, James!.. Have a question to you. You say "mixable Oils". Is it "watermixable" ? What brand? I tried few myself, like Holbein the best.

James F. Smith said...

Deb and Tatiana-
Your right about the FEVER thought. Have been healthy right now.

I sent a email to you Tatiana about the Water Mixable Oil. I have never used the Holbein. I do use some of the Holbein Watercolor. Could stuff.

Ann Buckner said...

Hope you enjoyed your dinner trip. The scenery looks beautiful.

Krista Hasson said...

Wow! This is fantastic, I cannot believe that you can get so much detail in such a small painting. I can't wait to see the next one!

James F. Smith said...

Did have a good dinner!!

Here comes the steps on this boat painting! The easy part is the landscape and the water. Will take into the other steps as I go.

Dors said...

Awesome work Jim as always.

Alvin Richard said...

Nice work James! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do miniatures once in a while, especially for juried competition shows in that gendre.

Roby Baer said...

Hi James, I really enjoyed viewing all of your lovely paintings! Wonderful artist....just keep them coming!! Roby

James F. Smith said...

Will finish this soon. Will touch some of my plein aire work. Have a show shortly in February so I better get busy!! Thanks folks!

James Parker said...

This miniature ia superb. I do quite a few miniatures because that are simply fascinating...yours are outstanding.

Paul Coventry-Brown said...

I like the diagonals, verticals and horizontals in this, it makes for a very nice composition. Good choice instead of just painting the boat from the side :-)
Nice work!

James F. Smith said...

I am slow I posting in my blog!! Sorry! Thanks for sharing.