Friday, January 15, 2010

Old Truck

One of my older pieces.  Colored Pencil.  11" x 14"  Had been very busy with colored pencil in the late 80s and the 90s.  I was not happy with colored pencil.  Hard to get the dark values and it took soooo much time!!  It start putting watercolor over the colored pencil and colored pencil over watercolor.  It was fun but I love the acrylic right now!  I did put some colored pencil over the acrylic in one of my latest pieces.  It works well.


Dors said...

Very nice job Jim. Love the old truck . some nice colors in the tree and foliage.

Stephanie said...

Hi Jim!
I like this painting!

I went and found your blog because I was talking to my Uncle Bo yesterday, who said he'd met a nice guy named James on the train (?) who paints. I said, Oooh....would that be James SMITH? and sure enough! So you know my Uncle.

I am getting back into painting. I hadn't quit entirely, but it has slowed to a trickle in recent years. I have three commissions coming up though!

I'm looking forward to keeping up with your work here on your blog.

DEB said...

I think it's beautiful Jim...Funny, but Carol Andre was just blogging about how she couldn't get the CP dark enough. I have always used acrylic to block the darker areas. Lately I'm using gouache...I struggle sometimes with whether to call pieces mixed media or CP or acrylic or watercolor, because so often I find I need a bit of a second medium to make the first perform at its best.

Lokelani Forrest said...

I love the way you've rendered this scene. Very well done.

James F. Smith said...

Thanks Dors, Stephanie,Deb and Lokelani-

I am still trying to work with the blog!! I Get the info to me but it is not in my blog. I just found out that I have finish the process--publish!! Owell.

I am going to put some India Ink and see how that works to get the the darks enough!! Always learning!! Thanks everyone. I was slow but here is the latest pieces coming up. I have about 50 art pieces in a large gallery in Hillsboro. I will take the time to put a number of the pieces in my blog. Some will be in the past blogs but here are some of my other pieces.