Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quick painting!!  Painted quickly for about 35 minutes.
Acrylic  9" x 12" 

Just about got this painting done . Took another 30 minutes. Will work on it later.  Will add more detail and add a few dark areas.  Will take about 30 minutes.  So-------- the painting was finished in about 1 hour and  35 minutes. 

I started painting in January 1968.  So it took me about 42 years to finish one new painting in 1 hours, 35 minutes!!!  In my 42 years of painting, there is always the question------ "How long did it take you to paint
a  9" x 12"?"  Yup!! 42 years how to know how do it and one hour and 35 minutes to do it!!

Still want to touch a few places.  Will then put my name in there.


DEB said...

Wow! I wish I could do that in 35min. Jim! I take SO long with my pieces.

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Wow that is fast, Jim and I love the freshness of it. Beautiful and warm lush colors.

It's hard to paint a miniature fast though! Ha! Or at least for me to paint fast!

James F. Smith said...

Deb and Barbara-
I am still working with that piece!! I takes two people to paint a painting. One to paint it and one person when to say STOP!!! I think I am finished!!! Thanks for the post!!

Beverly Gurganus said...

Your work is beautiful. I know just what your of the hardest things is knowing when to stop. Sometimes, the more I touch-up a painting, the more I see. You eventually have to say..."It's done". Love your work!

James F. Smith said...

Thanks Beverly for posting!! Always a challenge!! Off I go again creating!! Will check out your work again.

Caroline said...

One of my favourite paintings of yours. The colours are so fresh looking and the water is lovely too. Very nice composition too.

James F. Smith said...

Thanks Caroline!! Sure is nice to hear from all the great artists around the world!! Have a great day in your life!!