Friday, April 9, 2010

Kitties I Have Loved!

                                                           Just had been cropping some pics of my kitties from the past.  Sam at the bottom is still alive.  I have painted several of the kitties in watercolor, oil and acrylic.  Just paint a few more from different angles.  Kitties are fun!!!!!


DEB said...

What a beautiful collage! These kitties all look like they've had a wonderful time rooming with you!

James F. Smith said...

Yes they had a great life!! Sam is the one at the bottom. He is by good buddy!! Judee my wife has a different relation with Sam!! Will just say they work in a different way!! Thanks for post!!

Carol Andre' said...

Jim- your music makes me feel right at home! :-) I love your kitty collage. Especially love the sunlight on the orange cat. That would make a wonderful painting with pretty lighting.

James F. Smith said...

Nice to hear from you!! That orange kitty was quite a kitty. He was our neighbors kittie. They never helped that kitty. He was a outside kitty so if it was very cold they never let him in. That picture is from our front door. We had put some covering over him. One day we saw if very very cold and hungry. We helped him back to life again. It was sad.

Carol Moore said...

Hi Jim!
Just had to stop by and say hi and thank you again for stopping by my new blog. I love your kitty shots! One of my favorite subjects to paint and draw.
Take Care!

James F. Smith said...

Thanks Carol!!