Monday, June 21, 2010

"Old Pickup"

Still Working with it!!

Working with it!!  The image is 3" x 5" in Acrylic
"Old Pickup"
3" x 5" Acrylic


Going to make a miniature with these two images.  Will change and had to the old shed.  Acrylic?  Mixable Oil?  Not sure.  been working with the idea.  Will be a winter piece.  Early morning?  Late evening?  Still not sure which.  Fun working with the idea!!  Will share as it goes.  Lets paint folks!!


hmuxo said...

Just got back from Tennessee with about 90 pictures of barns and old antique cars. Some partially hidden by trees and bushes. A winter piece for your photo will be awesome! Can't wait to see it finished!

James F. Smith said...

Working on it right now!!

DEB said...

Coming along nicely....It was a record breaking 103F here today in the DC area, so thinking of winter is very appealing to me at the moment! :)

James F. Smith said...

Thanks Deb!! Will work on the piece shortly!

Dottie Dracos said...

It looks great, Jim! I'm amazed that you can paint with such great detail on such a teeny-tiny format! Dottie Dracos

James F. Smith said...

Thanks for checking out my blog!! Have you been busy painting? Keep on keeping on!!