Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My First Two Paintings!!!

My first oil painting!!! January 1968 in Hillsboro, Oregon. It was from a book on how to paint. I followed the steps. Not very happy but it was a start on how to paint!!

The second one was in January 28th. Oil and from a Calendar. I was thinking there was some hope!! The Calendar had three little ducks in there but I was not good enough to paint the small ones!!!
Have fun folks!!


Mona said...

It's so much fun to look back, and also to see the great progress years later! Beautiful painting and atmosphere against the mountains in the duck painting, but I like your first oil painting too.

Wish I still had my first, but I think it's been lost!

Dors said...

Love this one ... The ducks are so beautiful.
You are good enough to draw 6 ducks. :)

Dors said...

Ooops the two pics are on one post.
Not bad for a first oil painting Jim. Love the colors.