Sunday, January 30, 2011

International Miniature Show--- Winners!!

"Old Truck"

3" x 5" Acrylic

Cider Painter of America
Jim Smith


"Old Friends"
Mixable Oil
3" x 4"
Cider Painters of America
Jim Smith

"Jimmy the Mechanic"

"1 5/8" x 2 7/8"
Mixable Oil

Cider Painters of America


World Federation in Smithsonian

No Awards but was there!!!!


First Annual Miniature Show

Moreland Framework and Gallery

Portland Oregon


Mona said...

congratulations on these winners Jim!!!

hmuxo said...

Congratulations Jim!! So well deserved!!

James F. Smith said...

Thanks Mona!! Painting can be a joy!!!!!

James F. Smith said...

Thanks!!! We always gets a person up and going to paint when we win!! Was invited to be a judge at the International Miniature Show inParkland Gallery in Kirkland, Washington (State) in May-June!! Know that is a challenge!! Looking forward to see that show.

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Congratulations Jim on your wins! Hope I get to meet you at the Parklane Show.

James F. Smith said...

Thanks Barbara!! It is fun to know that our Miniatureart group has been posting and getting together here and there!! Around the world!!!

DEB said...

Congratulations on your awards Jim!!!

James F. Smith said...

Thanks Deb!! I missed your comment in my blog!! To many things to do in the Inter-net!!

DEB said...

Too many things, and not enough time to paint ...I hear ya Jim! Can't wait to see your next post!