Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jim Smith's Blog

I can paint but computers keep me going!!!


Barbara A. Freeman said...

Hi Jim, I knew you could do it! Good to see you. I signed up as a follower to your blog, don't forget to sign up to follow mine.

Carol Andre' said...

Ok Jim. Next "assignment"! I've added your blog to "My Favorite Blogs". See if you can add my blog to your favorite blogs! (I hope it will be one of your favorites!)

Mary McAndrew said...

Hi Jim, great start here! You'll get addicted soon! Hope you visit my blog and follow also, or sign up your email to recieve my posts.

James F. Smith said...

Oboy!!! Barbara, Carol and Mary, I see your comments!! Now I have to take my assignment!! Oboy!! I went in to each of your blogs but I was trying to find out how to comment. Can comment on my own but I had lost your comment area. I will find it!! I will find it!! Thanks everyone!!