Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Old Barn

Having problems to get good photos of the art

This piece is well known. It is right next to a hiway. I found a way to go into a dark area so I could paint from the area. It is hard to get and paint in the area. Hiway is busy. Found a good place to paint.
11" x 14" Acrylic


DEB said...

Jim, I really like these plein air paintings you are doing. I find it so difficult to paint outdoors. The lighting is always changing before I've gotten all the detail in that I want. You make it look easy!

BTW - Love John Denver!

James F. Smith said...

When you say that you are going to go outside, you do!! One hour. I bring my digital camera. With acrylic it is fast and it will be dry!! Then I go and have lunch or coffee some place. Then I go home and paint or paint some other time. It is a challenge but fun!! The more you do the better you get!!! Better than pictures but challenging.

Thanks for the post!!