Monday, October 19, 2009

First Plein Air Paint Out

I started in January 2005 working with Plein Air. It was 38 degrees. Sunny. Windy. Why I started with acrylic I do not know!! I had to paint fast!! The acrylic was drying out quickly. Finished the piece in 40 minutes!! Had too!!
Had a number of artist painting. They had just got there easels set up and I was done!!!


Mona said...

however fast it was, this is a gorgeous painting Jim! I'm curious, what are it's dimensions (miniature scale or large?)

James F. Smith said...

I had some panels. Different sizes. I grabbed one of them and it was 9" x 12". Now I am using just 11" x 14" right now. Large enough to work with but not to large to spend all the time and money. I have a bunch of 11" x 14" so I will put them into my blog!

Thanks for the post Mona!!