Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Late Fall

              This is one of my older Plein Air paintings.  Have not finished the piece.  Been just waiting to work on it.   Size 14" x 18"  Acrylic.  Going to lighten up more areas with some weeds and other ideas.  Any Comments anyone?


I worked on this Thursday.  Still needs some help but it is looking better.


Mona said...

love the warm light in this, and also how the deer is hidden in the shadows. Deer can be shy in the country!

Dors said...

It's looking great so far James. I look forward to seeing this completed.

James F. Smith said...

Dors and Mona-
Tomorrow may have the time to work on that piece. Will share later.

DEB said...

You are very gifted with landscapes Jim. I'm not one to critique, since I think landscapes can sometimes be more difficult than portraits. It looks nice though!

Dors said...

Looks wonderful Jim. Looks very finished to me.
I love this piece.

James F. Smith said...

Deb and Dors-
I think I will put some branches in different areas. I kept putting the same branches!!! Oboy!! I do that a lot. If one branch is good, I want more of the same branch!!