Sunday, November 1, 2009


A number of plein air artists got together at the winery one year. We painted at several areas. Had a great time. This piece needs some help. Going to work on the building and the artist too but I wanted to share this plein air piece.
I think I could put more branches over that tree. May work on that piece.

Acrylic 11" x 14"


Krista Hasson said...

This is a wonderful plein air piece, how long did you work on it? Do you find it hard working with acrylics outdoors?

James F. Smith said...

Answering your questions....
That piece took me only two hours for the back ground and the building. I worked on the artist later at home. I had made quick sketch on the area.

Acrylic can be easy or hard depending to the wind, rain, sun and heat or cold!!! Other than that it is easy!! My first plein air acrylic was a challenge. We started off at 11 am in January 1st with great sun, wind. (37 degrees!) I set up my easel paint and brushes. I would spray my paint, then paint and then spray with water again and then paint then spray my pallete. On I went. I was done in 40 minutes. My friends were just set up!! With oil it easier. Watercolor is just the same challenge. If the paint drys you can lift it up some.
Hope this helps. Try it!! I like the fact that the painting is done!! You can go over it again if you want.
Thanks for the comment, Krista!!

Krista Hasson said...

Thank you for the informative answer, I find it hard to paint plein air with watercolor (drys to quikly etc..) I guess I just need to practice more to get the routine down :)

James F. Smith said...

I agree. Had gone on a summer paint out with WC. The challenge of drying out. Each piece would have hard edges. I do need to start painting with oils. I used to love oil. The problem was the drying time. Too WET!!

Thanks for the comment again!!