Thursday, November 12, 2009

Miniature Kitty

I put another layer of violet.  Going to darken the background more.  Will see how things go!!
Working on this one.  Size 3" x 4"  Acrylic.  Will keep on working with this one.  Will had as I go.

Getting darker!!  Will keep on working on this!!

One more layer. There  will be more I am sure!!

"Right Under His Nose"

I thing the painting is done!!  Will move on into another piece!!


Ann Buckner said...

Looking Good!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Sweet kitty so far, Jim. Is this Sam?

DEB said...

He's coming along nicely Jim.

Dors said...

taking shape nicely Jim. Looking forward to updates on this.

Kay Smith said...

Such a sweetie, Jim, you got her fur down pat. That's a super photo, too.

James F. Smith said...

I am very slow on posting in my blog. I am just learning how this works!! Thanks for the post in there!!