Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Alway hope when you are fishing!!!  Note the worm, the fish and the bubble.  The size of the image is about 3" x 4"  Mixable oil.  Had a great time with this one!!  (I guess it is always fun painting a miniature!!)


Carol Moore said...

I love this! Brings back a lot of memories in my younger child years. Beautiful job on the water and the details.

James F. Smith said...

I love the water paintings. March person!! Love the fishing on lakes.

DEB said...

They're fun to admire, too Jim!

hmuxo said...

I love this painting. so touching..its hard to believe its a miniature! looking forward to your future paintings.

James F. Smith said...

Hi Deb and Hmuxo-
Thanks for the comment on the painting!! Hmuxo I need to paint more miniatures. I have not been painting much. I need to get my act together!! Thanks everyone!!