Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Walking Down the Path

Walking down the Path was fun!!  My wife was enjoying the flowers.  This is a very old  building.  Acrylic painting.  3" x 4"  I will be teaching acrylic miniature classes in the fall at the Walters Center in Hillsboro, Oregon.


Dors said...

Oh this is so lovely Jim.
So much detail and color. Love it.
I could sit here for ages and keep seeing different thing in this piece.

Superb job.

James F. Smith said...

Thanks a bunch!! I loved working with this one! That is a picture of my wife, Judee.

DEB said...

Beautiful painting Jim...and best wishes for some successful classes!

Carol Andre' said...

Jim, this is beautiful! I love it- makes me want to be there!

James F. Smith said...

Deb and Carol-
They put the image of this painting in the Walters Center where I teach. Will start in the fall teaching miniatures and small acrylic paintings. Will also work with demos in the summer. July and August. See you all!!