Monday, May 17, 2010

Sam My Buddy

Sam my buddy!!!  Will have to put in one of my paintings of Sam.

The Painting is of Sam.  3" x 4" in Mixable Oil and some acrylic with photo.  Mixed media.


Dors said...

Sam looks so contented and enjoying that back rub.
Very nice painting of Sam.
I see you also get the Artists Magazine. but then who doesn't LOL.

James F. Smith said...

Yes I taken photo of the 97 with cat front page. I then I just cut out the Artist Magazine part. I painted the cats. I did call the artist and asked for the use of that. They asked several questions but then they said that was alright. I did call the Magazine too. That was ok. It was fun and a challenge.

Caroline said...

Sam is lovely isn't he! I have a cat called Angus and I have yet to paint him. Your painting of Sam is really nice and I think you have captured him very well.